Welcome to General Starlight Co., Inc. (GSCI), the only one full cycle Thermal Imaging/Night Vision Manufacturing company in Canada, serving Military and Law Enforcement Customers Worldwide. More than 22 years in business earned GSCI reputation as Globally recognized, reliable, innovative company, offering unique, sophisticated Optical Electronic Observation and Detection Systems.

We manufacture a full line of High-Performance Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, 

and a variety of proprietary Enhanced/Fusion Optical Systems. 


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GSCI operates for more than 22 years. Always a step ahead. Trusted for experience, respected for results. This makes us different. Better. Unique.

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GSCI Global Dealer Network is constantly growing. We invite reliable companies to become our partners and deliver GSCI systems to your Customers. Numerous benefits of being an official GSCI Partner include professional support at all stages, quick turnaround times, full assistance in obtaining export license and more.


GSCI is ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management Certified Company

Latest News:

Jan-18-2015. We invite you to come and visit our booth #2649 at the annual Toronto Sportsmen's Show! You will get a chance to experience newest GSCI devices, talk to our professional and friendly team, discover a whole lot of new and exciting info!


Dec-12-2014. Is it worth paying more for a bigger lens and achieve higher optical magnification? Or having only digital zoom is enough to get the job done? Our latest newsletter gives the answer.


Nov-06-2014. GSCI updated Thermal Weapon Sights TWS-3000 now have a whopping 14-hour battery life. Also TWS-3000 Thermal Sights accept all standard batteries types: Alkaline, Lithium, Zinc-Carbon and rechargeable NiZn, NiCd, and NiMH.


Oct-11-2014. "How far can I see with a thermal imager?" - Having read our 8th issue of "Dare to Compare" newsletter you will be able answer this question. Learn more about Detection, Recognition and Identification in thermal imaging. 


Sept-17-2014. We are happy to present to you the 7th issue of "Dare to Compare" newsletter. Is it true that Manual Gain Control can improve the performance of your night vision device? And why Manual Gain is a must in a thermal imager? The answers are just one click away.

GSCI sussessfully operates in the Industry for more than 22 years!

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